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Root Canal Treatment

Stop dealing with pain in the gums and unexplained tooth sensitivity.

Root Canal Treatment

If you’re suffering from sensitive gums and painful gums, it may be a sign of severe tooth decay.

Ongoing pain in the gums and unexplained tooth sensitivity can become quite frustrating.

What is Root Canal Treatment?

Root canal treatment may be considered if a tooth, or multiple teeth, become severely decayed or infected commonly named tooth abscess. This procedure works by removing the damaged tooth nerve and pulp from the affected areas, and the inside of the tooth is also meticulously cleaned and concealed to avoid a recurring infection.

A “root canal” refers to a cavity formed inside the tooth, which is filled with pulp and a nervous system. When this area becomes damaged or exposed, it can lead to an infection. If not treated promptly, the infection can lead to swelling of the face, bone loss or extreme inflammation and pain.

Difference between filling and root canal treatment

A filling will be required if your tooth is not infected and there are minimal signs of tooth decay. A root canal treatment will be required if the tooth has become infected.

Patients with tooth decay generally opt for fillings however, if a tooth has worn down or decayed severely and has not been treated, it can lead to further infection which affects the core layers of the tooth. Tooth decay cannot correct itself or go away without treatment and maintaining a lifestyle of eating acidic or sugary foods will only damage the enamel further.

If the corrosion of the tooth penetrates through the tooth’s enamel and reaches the pulp and nerves, you have a limited amount of time to act on it and treat the tooth before it is infected and dies (turns grey in colour).

Root Canal Treatment Kippa Ring

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